Our Team

Our team meets together and listens to the parents/guardians of the child. They tell us the history, the struggles, the medications tried, the specialists seen, the past and present behavior, and the family dynamics. We listen, then we collaborate to determine recommendations. We list these recommendations on paper, in hierarchy order, for the parents. We have follow-up meetings with the parents to monitor progress. We are all committed to lasting improvements for the child.

In response to the large number of children/adolescents being referred to the CAPES team, in 2014 an additional team (circle of care) was formed.  Each member of our teams is highly sought after in their respective fields.  Team meetings include a CAPES member for each profession listed below.


Parents/Guardians of Child/Adolescent

Always included in the team meetings.  Their input and participation is essential to the team and to the improvement of the child and family.




Psychologist – Mary Rineer, Ph.D. 

Specializes in working with children, adolescents and their families.  Private Practice experience  providing a depth of clinical experience with a broad range of issues relating to children and adolescents.


Puls, Chris-PS



Psychiatrist – Chris Puls, M.D.

Director of Behavioral Health; Muskogee Creek Nation Department of Health
Dually board certified in general psychiatry and in childhood and adolescent psychiatry.  Specializing in mood disorders, anxiety disorders and complicated psychiatric conditions.  Volunteers as a disaster psychiatrist.





Psychiatrist – Cynthia Bruns, D.O.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

16 years treating child and adolescents both inpatient and outpatient settings, including long term specialty placement for treatment of attachment disorder.



Koljack, Kathy doc-PS


Pediatrician – Kathleen Koljack, M.D.

On staff at Utica Park Clinic, Jenks Location

Caring for children from birth through college.  Contributes to children’s well-being by caring for the whole child, helping with medical, educational and emotional challenges.





Terry, Kim-PS

Pediatrician – Kim Terry, M.D.

On staff Broken Arrow Pediatrics

20 years of caring for children and their families in a private practice setting.  Also has served as a medical consultant for inpatient child and adolescent behavioral health facilities.





RO 1


Occupational Therapist –
Rachel Ottley, OTR-L

Practice focusing on children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, severe behavioral and sensory processing disorders.




Peck, Kassie 2


Occupational Therapist –
Kassie Peck, MOT, OTR-L

Owner/Lead clinician of Kassie Peck, PLLC.  Primary diagnoses:  autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, and feeding mismanagement.






Offutt, Catherine-PS


 Education Specialist – Cathie Offutt, M.A.

Retired from Tulsa Public Schools

Certified special education teacher who currently works with children with special needs in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Previous special education teacher identifying special needs in children from pre-kindergarten through college age.




Kelly, Jennifer-PS


Education Specialist – Jennifer Kelly, M.Ed.

Special education teacher at Eisenhower International Elementary School.  Writing and producing appropriate IEPs.  Writing functional behavior plans/behavior intervention plans.



Christopher, Alicia-PS





 Speech-Language Pathologist – Alicia Christopher, M.A., CCC-SLP

On staff at Jenks Public Schools

Experience working with children and adolescents.  Team leader for autism and early intervention task forces within the speech therapy department.







Speech-Language Pathologist – Cheryl LaFortune, M.A., CCC-SLP

Specialty in autism and related social-emotional communication disorders.  Certified in the DIR Model and the Foundational Capacities for Development as a Profectum Professional in Speech-Language Pathology.




DeLaCruz, E PS


Social Skills Director –
Emmanuel De La Cruz, B.S.

Masters Student-Mental Health Counseling with a minor in criminal justice.  Experience teaching social skills, relaxation skills, impulse control, emotional coping skills, functional living skills, and anger management techniques, is a certified DIRFloortime Practitioner, as well as working with young individuals on a one-on-one basis as a life coach.





Stout, Danny PS




Statistician – Danny W. Stout, Ph.D.  

Senior Analytics Consultant with Dell Software Group

Statistical analysis of pre and post CAPES program data






Program Facilitator – Chris Foster

Receives and organizes information from CAPES families in order to facilitate communication between the CAPES panel and families in the program.  Communicates with CAPES families to assist with follow-up of CAPES care recommendations.