Step 1

The families who will be involved in the CAPES program complete and submit the following forms:

  • CAPES Intake, a comprehensive questionnaire providing information across all related fields of care
  • Child Behavior Checklist
  • Teacher Report
  • Youth Self Report
  • Parent Stress Index
  • Sensory Profile
  • SSIS (Social Skills Improvement System)

All information is reviewed by the team members prior to the meeting.

The standardized rating scales allow for a consistent measure of pre/post presentation.

Step 2

Just prior to the team meeting, several members of the CAPES team spend 15-20 minutes with the child/adolescent; interacting and observing.

Concurrently, other members of the team visit with the parents, as they report the impact of the child’s issues on the family.

Step 3

The entire CAPES team of experts meets with the parents.  Additional individuals who are involved with the child are invited to attend the meeting.  The parents present the history, current status and issues affecting the child/adolescent.  The parents are asked what resolution would look like to their family.

Step 4

After meeting with the parents, the team discusses the case and develops preliminary care recommendations.

Step 5

Over the following days, the team finalizes the care recommendations.  These are composed in hierarchical order and presented to the family.

Step 6

Our Program Facilitator assists the parents with the implementation of the care recommendations and remains in consistent contact with the family.