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What Families Face

Many children suffer from mental health, behavioral, medical and/or educational issues.

Their behavior may include some of the following:

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  • Responses which are out of proportion to the stressor; a major melt down when asked to complete a simple task
  • Extreme behavior for no apparent reason
  • Raging
  • Harming themselves/others
  • Physical attacks on property; destroying items that belong to themselves/others
  • Setting fires
  • Obsessions
  • Compulsions
  • Rituals
  • Terrified of ordinary, everyday items/activities
  • Socially isolating behavior
  • Difficulty interacting with others


Parents may feel:

  • Exhausted
  • Overwhelmed
  • Hyper-vigilant
  • Worried – what does the future hold?
  • Awkward and out of place at social events with families of children who do not experience these types of problems
  • How do I balance needs of other children in my family?
  • I can’t figure out why my child is acting out
  • Everyone is judging my parenting
  • Friends don’t understand
  • It is hard to watch the accomplishments of my child’s friends
  • Emotionally and physically drained
  • The burden is on the parents to remember and provide the medical information from one professional to the next.  They worry that they do not always remember what the previous health care providers have reported.  The health care providers struggle to obtain all the information needed to help their child.


In most health systems, families move from one professional to the next, without a comprehensive, collaborative plan in place.

Information exchange regarding the child is not facilitated between service providers. Parents become the one who directs the course of treatment.


As more and more time passes, this leads to significant delays in resolution of the presenting problems and a less than optimum outcome for the child.