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Autism Program

CAPES/BlueCrossBlueShield Autism Spectrum Disorder Program

Child and Adolescent Program Enrichment Services (CAPES), a multi-disciplinary collaborative team, has five years of documented, statistically significant, positive outcomes working with children who experience complex medical, psychological, and developmental problems.

CAPES is partnering with BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) of Oklahoma to offer a multi-disciplinary care program as an alternative to ABA services for children with mild to moderate autism spectrum disorder.   Participants must be fully insured with BCBS, have ABA coverage, reside in the Tulsa area, and are suspected of having or diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.


Clients will not be subject to co-pays or deductibles for services provided by CAPES.


CAPES Procedure:

  • Initial interview with parents and child to determine eligibility for program
  • Our Program Facilitator collects all available medical, psychological, and educational history, along with CAPES intake forms from the child and parents.
  • Team members review all documentation prior to meeting with the parents
  • Team observation and interaction with child immediately prior to meeting with the parents
  • Team meets with parents and other involved caregivers
  • Following the parent meeting, the Team develops and prepares hierarchical steps of Treatment and Care Recommendations for the child
  • Selected team members meet with parents to share Treatment and Care Recommendations for their child, which will be implemented throughout the year



  • Child and Adolescent Psychologist
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Social Skills Director/Family Support
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Program Facilitator
  • Pediatrician
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Educational Expert


CAPES Treatment and Managed Care:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and development of a treatment plan
  • Consultations with a Child Psychologist: initial and six follow up consultations, as needed
  • Consultations with a Child Psychiatrist: initial and six follow up consultations, as needed
  • Weekly Social Skills Groups: utilizing DIRFloortime® and Play Project Models
  • Participation in weekly Social Pragmatic Language Group
  • Bi-weekly parent groups to share information and answer questions
  • Monthly consultations with outside providers, as needed
  • CAPES Program Facilitator assists with the implementation of Treatment and Care Recommendations
  • CAPES assess and documents child’s progress throughout the year


To schedule an appointment, please contact the CAPES office at 918-747-8282 or email cfoster@capesinc.org.