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Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are tremendously helpful to many children and adolescents. Kids learn:    20160823_165519.jpg

to control their emotions,
to understand others’ perspectives, problem solving skills as well as how to make and maintain friendships.

Our groups are praised by the parents of the participants.

For some children, successfully interacting with peers and adults can be a challenge.  The social world can be very complex in that there are many “rules” that can be challenging to understand.  When thinking about social understanding, it is important to consider 3 components of the social world:

Social cognition refers to how children think or view the social world around them.

Social skills refer to how children interact with each other in the social world.

Social competence refers to the child’s rate of success when interacting with others.

Director:  Emmanuel De La Cruz, Masters Student-Mental Health Counseling, Oklahoma State University
DIRFloorTime Practitioner

Emmanuel has completed the following course DIRFloortime Child Development Intervention.  DIRFloortime Promotes child development through mental processes such as attention, communication, memory, perception, problem solving, and creativity.  Emmanuel collaborates with families.

DIR 201 – Promoting Basic Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities

DIR 202 – Supporting Higher Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities

At CAPES, children have the opportunity to participate in social skills groups with other peers
their age. The groups are on-going and form
when there is a group of 3 or more.  These groups will not exceed more than 6 members in order to ensure that every child receives the maximum benefit from their experience. Participants will have the opportunity to work cooperatively within the group setting while sharing their thoughts and experiences with others.  Our classes are designed to help our participants become more confident in social situations, form positive relationships with their peers, and be prepared to navigate difficult social situations as they arise.




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