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ZZZThe Parents Speak



“Until I walked into the room, I just could not believe that an entire group of doctors, educators and therapists were going to meet with us and really listen to what we had to say. There was no prejudging.   As parents, we were equal partners on the team.”




“The dynamics of our family has improved so much. CAPES helped our child and saved our family.”

“You feel like you are getting somewhere. I feel like there is an end in sight rather than just going day to day. I feel like we are figuring it out academically, socially, and environmentally.”



“The outcome has been amazing. His behavior at home has greatly improved. He can play outside without supervision. We actually got to the end of the day without screaming from anyone (including us). I have 4 kids and to organize everyone we need a routine. We were battling everyday. Now we are following the routine of the family, and, 85% of the time, he is at school for the full day. A huge improvement.”

 “We adopted our son from an abusive household when he was 3 and knew he would need a lot of extra care and help. We had spent the last 5 years trying to get a diagnosis and help for him, seeing doctor after doctor, having medication after medication tried out on him. Our son, and our family, continued to struggle. When we were invited to be a part of CAPES, I went through my notes and records on our son and realized that after 5 yeas, and all our efforts, he still had all the same problems he had when he first joined our family. In one month after receiving recommendations from the CAPES team, he has improved more than in the last 5 years.”
“CAPES is a light in a very dark place”

“They fix families. They teach us how our kids might think differently and how they perceive the world and how to adjust to their way of seeing things.”


“All of the specialists are there at once so you don’t have to repeat yourself dozens of times with your child right there as you’re talking about him over and over. You meet with the doctors first without your child and then the specialists talk to each other. They truly want to help you. All the other places were just looking from their field’s perspective not holistically across all potential areas for improvement and across disciplines.”

 “I was a mother with no reserves left. Now I feel hope.”

“CAPES helps you find your kid again. Since we have been following the CAPES recommendations, I feel like I have seen my kid again for the first time since he was three and now he is eight. I feel like now we can start making new memories.”


“When you have a child with ADHD, severe anxiety, OCD, etc, going to separate doctors was like attacking each leg of a spider, but not the body.”